Thursday, January 9, 2014

SPY - SPY (Invitation, 1980)

Released: 1980

SPY's one-off, semi-synthpop new wave gem is about the closest thing you'll get to a lost Plastics record, from the jumpy, jittery sound to the Tashlin-esque band visuals. Here are thirteen wry, winsome anthems of a candy-colored consumer culture run amok. Producer Kazuhiko Kato polishes the erratic but uncluttered songs till they glow like brand-new tube TVs, and adds plenty of whimsical touches like the flurry of shutters on "Camera Club". "Lazy Secretary" is the second best amanuensis anthem of 1980. Sarcastic, satirical toy pop for a strange new world.

A1. Hello Mr. SPY
A2. ファーストクラス・ハネムーン / Fāsuto Kurasu Hanēmoon / First Class Honeymoon
A3. 女王陛下のチェスゲーム / Jou-ou Heika no Chesu Gēmu / Her Majesty's Chess Game
A4. ピンホール・ドリーム / Pinbōru Dorīmu / Pinball Dream
A5. ドミトリー・ボーイズ / Domitorii Bōizu / Dormitory Boys
A6. セラピー・チャイルド / Serapii Chairudo / Therapy Child
A7. Bye Bye Birdie
B1. カメラ・クラブ / Kamera Kurabu / Camera Club
B2. 太陽とマヌカン / Taiyou tō Manukan / Sun and Mannequin
B3. レイジー・セクレタリー / Reijī Sekuretarii / Lazy Secretary
B4. バブルガム・ボーイ/ Baburugamu Bōi / Bubblegum Boy
B5. 盗まれたレプリカ / Nusumareta Repurika / Stolen Replica
B6. Good bye SPY

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