Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Universal - Freistil (Garage Door Records, 19??)

Released sometime in the late twentieth century

The only known output of the mysterious UniversalFriestl is an album incubated in a test tube of prosumer synth tech, but with the lofty goal of re-evaluating the history of popular music. It's a baroque, death-shadowed album that creates sonic concepts and textures by borrowing elements from tunes as diverse and ubiquitous as Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Yello's "Oh Yeah" and reflecting them through its own tortured psyche. The result is a kind of commercial pun, a dialectic between silence and weight. 

A1. Elgalor

A2. Augen Müssen Brennen
A3. Das Hawkline Monster
A4. Die Sphinx Von Taharka
A5. Nova Express
A6. West Of Rome
B1. La Grande Dozza
B2. Ivory Black
B3. Le Tournevis
B4. The Prayer
B5. Gruss Für Dieter
B6. Trazom

Res Perrot

A Swiss melody maker of New Wave/World music mantras and self-dependent composer/producer. Under the name of Universal he remains an enigmatic and shadowy figure, reminiscent of certain omnipotent torturers of the Silver Surfer. His sole musical connections seem to have been to distributors Cod Records in the late eighties.  He has since written a crime novel, Bauernopfer, and now runs a graphic design agency, Compostella+Perrot.


Freistil (Garage Door Records, 19??)