Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time Twins - Bitch Silk / Wabooba (Royal Family, 1979)

Released 1979

"Bitch Silk" is the Time Twin's triumph of a B-side. Seemingly tapping into a theory of offensive commercialism, this song will rip encouraging air out of your throat with each oncoming chorus. Daniel Lanois' engineering smooths insensitivity into exuberant coolness. The Twins both despise and are jealous of Mercedes-Benzs and chiffons, and the back cover further suggests a sarcastic uberwomensch sensibility. The 50s song structure  is above it all anyways, and I'd be hard pressed to say that it doesn't contain some 'mercury in a bottle' for Ariel Pink and the likes. 1979 Canadian groove private press on... odd and sex.

A. Wabooba
B. Bitch Silk

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